Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Jordyn Mallory wins another contest

I always caution everyone to take contests with a grain of salt... however, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate when someone wins something! Jordyn Mallory has won another preliminary contest for the Colgate Country Showdown.

The press at http://www.breezynews.com/cgi-bin/weather/hamweather.cgi reports:

"Griffis Motors of Philadelphia and the Pearl River Resort presented the 26th Annual Colgate Country Showdown Finals Saturday night at the Beach Club at Clearwater Key. Jordan Mallory of Houlka was the judge’s favorite as she was picked the winner from nine area statewide singers. Mallory will head to the Mississippi State competition in October at the Mississippi State Fair where she will represent Kicks98. Congratulations to Jordan Mallory and the contestants in this year’s Colgate Country Showdown."

Rumor has it that she thought about singing with a famous entertainer who loves mandolin riffs to gather the passion for her performance! hehehehe... - hey whatever works!!

Congrats Indeed! (but remember how wonderful an artist and songwriter you are no matter how the next level contest goes, dear Jordyn!)


Aaron Cirilo said...

I was there... she was very good. It was exciting to see the talent.

Judy Rodman said...

Thanks for the report, Aaron! It's always great to hear audience feedback. I, too, am watching young Jordyn bloom into a world-class artist... she gets better at every voice lesson!

Jordyn Mallory said...

Hey Judy! Thank you for your sweet comments! ...and writing a special blog for me! How sweet! I love getting on here and reading the blogs...they are awesome! I had so much fun at the showdown...I think Keith had a good time too! hehe:))))

Aaron-thank you so much! you were great! nice to meet you!


Judy Rodman said...

The feeling is mutual, dear Jordyn!