Friday, March 9, 2007

The Importance of THE WORD to vocal technique

The articulation of the word to the voice is like the ring in a bull's nose.

Let me explain:
There is a lot that goes into making your best sung or spoken vocal communication. In my training method, I teach you to learn to properly apply concepts of breath ("Power"), open throat ("Path") and telling the story ("Performance"). Your vocal instrument can be considered to include everything from your heels to the top of your head, and extend to the end of your outstretched hands. In other words... your whole body is involved when you are purposefully speaking. Some parts are active, some parts just barely involved and some parts must stay tension-free.

It can get confusing. Think of it like flying a plane. You need to be trained in what all the lights and levers are for, how to diagnose a problem, what to adjust for maximum operation. But it would be hard to fly the thing this way (manually). Sooo... you mostly run the thing on autopilot. Flip one little switch and you can relax (though alertly!)

The switch that should cause your voice to line up and operate properly on autopilot is... THE WORD (lyric)!! BUT.... you have to know how to use the word to make this happen.
  1. The word should be defined as "communicating something specific to someone specific"
  2. This involves being present with the consonants, vowels, meaning, emotion, and if singing, the pitch with which the word is communicated.
  3. Form the consonants in the front of your mouth (not in your jaw)
  4. Shape the vowels in the back of your throat (thus keeping it open).
  5. Put expression in your eyes (this communicates the meaning of the word!)

Try this and see if the word doesn't feel like it starts at your heels and connects your whole being to communicate a performance that gets through. AND... makes your voice feel great! Let me know how you do by clicking the comment link below.