Sunday, April 8, 2007

Originality of Voice

In this post I'm going on a stretch with my blog theme "All Things Vocal". I'm going to talk about vocal originality- in this case defined as "What Do I Have To Say That's Original?". I've been tagged by my blog mentors "The Blog Squad" who were in turn tagged by Mohit Singhania at Best Blog Basket to be part of his project called Be Original. We are asked to share several ways that we create original content for our blogs. So here is a list of how I come up with original content for this blog:

1. Insights from my ongoing coaching experiences. I seem to learn some new way to teach a vocal technique every week... sometimes every day!

2. Experiences from my own performances.
Many times I get a "light bulb" insight from noticing what works (or doesn't) for me when I'm singing vocals in the recording studio or on stage.

3. My opinions on controversial issues. Contests, major label vs indie label advantages and disadvantages, vocal techniques I hear about, even what makes a valid or successful vocal performance are some issues about which I like to argue my point.

4. Teachings from my own trademarked coaching method. "Power, Path & PerformanceTM" is my offering to the body of effective vocal training, and is unique in its focus on the synergy between breath, open throat and communication.

5. Reporting, commentary and review of trends in the current music biz. I glean info from my contacts, media news and Internet sources.

6. News from my clients and students. I like to encourage a sense of community instead of rivalry among voices. I share news of TV shows, songs cut, contest tryouts and placements, awards, signings, live tours, events, recording projects and other news from people with whom I work. I encourage attending each other's performances. We celebrate each other's journey, whether we're up or down.

If any of you have a blog, please consider yourself "tagged"! If you'd like to join the challenge, see this link to learn the "rules" of adding your own list of ways to add original content to your posts:

Now, dear readers of my blog, would you please take a moment, click on "comments" link below this post, and tell me what YOU'D like me to write about? After all, this blog is useless unless it is of use to YOU! Join the conversation and the community! Thank you very much...Judy