Sunday, December 31, 2006

Help for Singers with Tight Throats

Have you had problems ever feeling tight or strained in your throat after singing? Did you know that you can sing almost as loud and long, as high or low as you want without ever having your throat feel pain or fatigue?

First, let's define "the throat": Let's call it the top back of your nasal membrane where the Eustation tubes open, the back of your mouth and the top of your trachea. Trace it by doing this little exercise which I call the 6-way inside stretch:

Expand these areas as you read the words:
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Jaw (drop open)
  • Ears
  • Scalp (about where a baseball cap would cover)

If you are doing this, it will probably make you want to yawn.

Now try pulling a word... grab the word by your upper teeth and say it in such a way that the 6-way inside stretch occurs.

Try this slowly speaking (pulling) the words "

Now try doing it faster.

Now try singing it this way. Sing faster. Now that you're laughing... know that you don't exactly have to be this crazy on stage or with friends... BUT... Do try to retain a bit of this animation and try singing it for real.

Does your throat feel more open? Let me know...

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