Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sick Singer Remedies

First and very important... I am not a doctor. From time to time on this blog, I will share with you my and other's experiences with health remedies, but it is always best to check with your doctor before trying any of these tips.

For sinus issues (pardon the pun!):

Singers with chronic sinus and allergy problems can not sound their best. The vocal resonation zones are sick! Worse yet, the thickened mucous membranes offer the perfect medium for bacteria, viruses, and even fungus to take hold and multiply. While it's best to deal with the mucous membranes as soon as they begin to thicken, but so many products are ineffective and/or have too many undesirable side effects- like drying out the vocal cords.

"Sinol" is a new allergy and sinus product from the health food industry. One of my sisters, who has truly serious sinus problems, says that so far it is working miracles for her.

For irritated throats (actually good for any performance)

"FireWater" - that's what my other sister calls the concoction I recommend of lemon juice, honey and ceyenne pepper in a container of water (mix it to taste). Sip it frequently to help thin, ease and heal the mucous membranes of the throat, or to prepare your throat for live or studio singing, or public speaking.

For acid reflux;

There seems to be an epidemic of this right now. There are many reasons for acid reflux. It irritates not only the esophagus but also the vocals cords, sometimes causing serious vocal problems. In my case, it was due to not having enough acid or enzymes to digest my food. I went to a naturapath named Dr. Eddi Boyd, who tested me and recommended a product called "Pepsin HCL".

In my blog links, you will find a link to "My Family Doctor" - a great new medical magazine where I find practical advice from medical professionals on staying well.

Besides medical docs, I also go to trustworthy alternative medical pracitioners regularly. I believe in the integration of both mainstream and alternative medicine. I eat a healthy, digestable diet and take suppliments to keep my immune system rocking. I try to avoid antibiotics unless I really truly need them. When you have to perform, you want to be able to depend on a healthy instrument- having to cancel a show is never fun.

Do your own research and you'll be amazed at the real solutions out there to your health mystery. Your voice needs your spirit AND your body well; don't give up until you find the help you need. Please share your remedy experiences by clicking the comments link at the end of this post. I believe more in word of mouth experience than marketing ads.

And also remember, a remedy that may work for you may not for another. Use wisdom, common sense and err on the side of caution. And comment... What works for you?


Anonymous said...

If you like Sinol , you'll love Sinus Buster Nasal Spray. Check it out.

Anne Marie said...

I have been using Sinol for the past year and was glad to see that someone mentioned this. Recommended by my ENT and it works fast!

Nina said...

it is saturday, i woke up sicker than a dog with a stuffed nose and a scratchy throat. i am singing two soprano solos on sunday (yes, tomorrow!) that i cannot get out of. headed to the store to find some sinol, but wondering if there was ANYTHING else i could do to help me tomorrow (besides a prayer!).

Judy Rodman said...

Anne Marie... so glad it works for you, it does for me, too. Nina... you might try catching this bug at the outset by soaking in a hot bath with two cups epsom salts. Also use the "firewater" I mention in this post. Another otc remedy I find helpful at the onset of a cold is "Airborne". Next time you might want to have prepared the "master tonic" for which I give the recipe at my website And yes, prayer is the best medicine... pray for wisdom about what to do.

Good luck with tommorrow's song!

Kathy said...

For two winters and now two springs I have been tremendously helped by Sinol. It flat out works! Last winter I got my usual sinus infection, nasal washes and other nose sprays including essential oils did help but what finally worked the most was Sinol! My allergies and sinus problems are now a thing of the past and my nasal passages use to give me total agony. Before Sinol I wouldn't leave the house somedays.
Kathy Richards