Friday, March 16, 2007

Kayla Morrison teaching Power, Path & Performance voice

Judy says:

Kayla Morrison has taken voice from me for several years. As I've gotten to know her, I've come to love, trust and respect her skills in many areas. She has managed several artists through the years, and in fact manages my vocal seminars. Kayla herself has covered lots of miles as a vocalist, group leader and vocal arranger in Christian music ministry. She knows what it means firsthand to have max voice available (OR NOT) for the road or the studio.

I have mentored and approved Kayla to be an official Power, Path & Performance teacher. I don't give this approval lightly; I want any associate teacher of PPP to be truly effective at teaching this method, with rapid results in vocal improvement of students. And so she is!!

Today Kayla graciously offers this guest post concerning her experience with teaching the PPP method.

Kayla says:

After studying Judy Rodman’s Power, Path & Performance myself and observing her as she worked with students in her private studio, the recording studio and through her intense vocal seminars, I have been anxious and excited about the opportunity to use the tools with my own students. I have witnessed so many people being set free by the methods Judy has developed, tested and successfully proved.

Just today, I worked with a new student, 13 years old. She has had three years of vocal training, but had never been taught about anatomy and its relationship to breathing. After I explained the information using the illustrations and props that Judy suggests and provides in her complete cd course, it began to click and make sense to her.

I am thrilled with the effectiveness of this course. My first concern as a teacher is to give my students information that will safely take their vocals and performance to the next level. I am confident that Judy Rodman’s Power, Path & Performance is the key to successfully accomplish my goals as a teacher, and as a performer. My students are excited, too!

Contact Kayla Morrison at 615-315-5519. For information about becoming a Power, Path & Performance teacher, contact Judy at or call 615-834-4747.

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